Everything You Know is Wrong

While the world as you know it has done away with superstition and fantasy, and declared fairy tales and nursery rhymes to be fiction, you have learned that this is wrong.  The world is not as it seems.  Your ancestors were right to fear the dark, for what hides in it is dangerous, sinister, and often utterly alien.  But what lies beyond the Boundary is not only darkness, but light, and everything in between.  Forces of both good and evil exist in this world, and they are often not what they seem.

The Boundary

In the world of the occult, the term Boundary means one of two things:

  1. The metaphysical veil that has relegated creatures of myth and legend to obscurity since the time of Merlin.
  2. The realm of memory and souls where alternate worlds converge and that separates this world from the Origin.

You have parted the first, though you may not know how, or have even realized it yet.  A chance encounter with a vampire at your favorite nightclub; a police raid uncovers a gang of werewolves; the grimoire your estranged uncle left you in his will starts talking to you when you're alone; or maybe you were just born into this side of the world.

Against the Iron Cross

It is 1942, and the Consociatio has received dire news from the Holy Church.  The Third Reich has found the Holy Grail, or at the very least one of the myriad artifacts of similar power and danger.  Should they unlock its secrets, the Nazis will undoubtedly win the war.  To prevent this grave scenario, the Consociatio Magos and the Holy Church have allied themselves to select a unit of elite operatives to complete the following objectives:  1) Discover how the Nazis recovered the Grail.  2) Identify the location of the Holy Grail. 3) Recover the Holy Grail and the research the Nazis have completed on it, or destroy it if recovery proves impossible.

The Hollow Temple

The Hollow Temple Agency is neither hollow nor related to a temple in any form; rather, it is the agency run by the witch Alicia Turner out of the apartment building she owns in Midtown Manhattan circa 2006.  Part puppet store, part bar, part detective agency, Turner accepts any job that interests her, be it an investigation into a mysterious death, a commission for a sculpture, or even the production of a film.  And somehow, you've gotten wrapped up in this.

Typically, she handles the easy and fun jobs herself, leaving you with the investigations.  The investigations, and all the horror that comes with them.

Beyond The Boundary: The Hollow Temple