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The World Beyond the Boundary

  • Magic: Magic has a number of oddities in this world.  Many things function differently from the assumed setting of the core rulebooks.  Learn about magic here.
  • Myth: Legends abound from all corners of the world, which ones are accurate and which ones are false?  What happens regarding conflicting myths?  Learn about how belief and legend work here.
  • Monsters: While many creatures function exactly as they do in the myths, sometimes, the monster predates the myth.  Learn about otherworldly beings here.
  • Materials: Beyond The Boundary takes place in the modern world, you have a vastly different selection of equipment than you would have in a fantasy setting.  Learn about equipment here.

Life Beyond the Boudnary

  • The Hollow Temple Agency: Run by Alicia Turner, this is your link to the rest of the party and your place of work.
  • Tony Panthers: The bar run by Antonio Garcia on the first floor of the Hollow Temple Agency.

Variant Rules


This campaign will be using the following variant and homebrew rules:

  • Slow Natural Healing (DMG): You do not regain all hit points on a long rest, and must spend hit dice during a long rest to regain hit points.
  • Crafting Rules (Homebrew): Page Under Construction.

Characters Beyond the Boundary


When creating a character for this campaign, please be aware of the following rules and new options:

  • You start at 5th level with $5000 (1 gp = $10, 1 sp = $1) and 50 downtime days in addition to your standard starting wealth (either the equipment granted by your class and background, or the starting gold from the Equipment section of the Players Handbook).  This downtime can be used to craft consumables or modify equipment if your character is capable of such things.
  • You have access to the following character options from outside the Players Handbook: 

    • Races:

      • Aasimar (DMG)
      • Eladrin (DMG)
      • Genasi (EE)
      • Triton (VGM)
      • Yuan-Ti Purebloods (VGM)
      • Shadow Fey (Kobold Press, Midgard Heroes)
      • Homunculus
    • Classes

      • Alchemist (En5ider, A Touch of Class)
      • Binder (Mage Hand Press, Book of Binding)
      • Craftsman (Mage Hand Press, Complete Craftsman)
      • Gunslinger (Mage Hand Press, Gunslinger Class)
      • Morph (En5ider, A Touch of Class)
      • Shugenja (Mage Hand Press, Shugenja)
      • Occultist (En5ider, A Touch of Class)
      • Witch (Mage Hand Press, Complete Witch)
    • Archetypes

      • All Patron's Eve Warlock Patrons (Mage Hand Press, All Patron's Eve)
      • Deep Magic Archetpyes (Kobold Press, Deep Magic for 5e, there are many subclasses for a large number of classes, ask me about this)
      • Expansion Pack Archetypes (Mage Hand Press, Expansion Pack, for Mage Hand Press Base Classes)
      • Lovecraft Handbook Archetypes (Mage Hand Press, Lovecraft Handbook, ask me about this)
      • The Mystical Talisman Warlock Patron (Mage Hand Press, The Mystical Talisman)
    • Additionally, a number of third party spells and feats are available depending on character archetype and concept.  Should you have a character concept not represented by these options or the ones in the Players Handbook, let me know.  I'll see if I can't find something appropriate or work something out myself if the concept fits the setting.
  • Enrichment and Traits: If you send me a paragraph or so of backstory for your character, you will receive 10 Enrichment.  Enrichment can be spent and bought by taking positive and negative Traits.  Traits can only be taken at character creation.  Enrichment will also have further uses in the campaign proper, and will be awarded at my discretion.
  • You begin play with a number of additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 0).
  • You gain Skill Ranks at every even numbered level (2, 4, 6, etc.) for use with the skills described on the Crafting Rules page.

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