Homunculus (Player Race)



Homunculi are constructs created by magi, typically alchemists but often by wizards and artificers as well.  They can be created in many shapes and sizes, including the shape of a humanoid.  Their creators have a great amount of options when crafting homunculi, regarding how independent the homunculus is and what their specializations will be.  

Mages typically create humanoid homunculi either as low cost labor, for the purpose of experimentation, or as guards and warriors.  More eccentric magi, especially those of the alchemist variety may create independent homunculi and train them as their apprentices.  This is particularly common among the Engelhaar family of Germany, which has specialized in homunculi creation for so long at least a third of the family is made up of true and half homunculi.

Homunculi commonly have built in death switches and expiration dates, to prevent them from going out of control or from developing beyond their creators desires for them.

Half Homunculi


Half homunculi, as they sound, are the offspring of a humanoid and a humanoid homunculus.  While a rare occurence, it can happen, as many homunculi retain reproductive systems.  Unless the parent homunculus was designed with reproduction in mind or with particularly high quality materials, the resulting offspring often suffers from a wide variety of health issues including chronic pain, migraines, organ failure, anemia, and cancer.  This is due to a number of material commonly used in creating a homunculus are incompatible with the human immune system.  For the same reason, many cases where the father is the homunculus result in early miscarriage or the death of the mother from the severe allergic reaction to the child.  These issues can be suppressed with both mundane drugs and mystical supplements.

Racial Traits


Age. Homunculi lifespans and aging varies wildly.  Most homunculi are created as adults, and can have a lifespan ranging anywhere from 6 months to several hundred years.  Half-homunculi tend to mature slowly, almost half as slowly as humans, and do not often live longer than 20 to 30 years, though exceptions exist when the parent homunculus was specialized for breeding.  These half homunculi only age marginally slower than humans and can live up to 120 years on average.

Alignment. Homunculi have no strong leanings towards good or evil, though most are instilled with some inclination towards law due to their nature as created servants.  Half homunculi have no natural inclinations at all, and their alignment varies as much as their parent species.

Size. Homunculi are medium sized in adulthood.  Many half-homunculi, with their younger appearances, are small sized, however.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet if you are medium sized, and 25 feet if you are small sized.

Darkvision. You have the ability to see in dim light as if it was bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light out to 30 feet.  Vision in complete darkness is black and white.

Limited Poison Immunity. As a construct, your body is specially equipped to nullify most every poison, granting you immunity to poison damage and to the poisoned condition.  However, given the utility of homunculi in magi society, several mages have developed poisons specifically designed to affect homunculi, and as such, you have no resistance to these poisons.

Languages. You can read and write two languages of your choice, in addition to a number of languages equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Subrace. Two main subraces of homunculi exist, based on their individual specifications: the Krieger and the Denker.  Pick one.


As a Krieger Homunculus, you are designed with the physical arts in mind.  Labor, battle, and the like.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2, and one ability score of your choice except Constitution increases by 1.

Specially Designed. You gain proficiency with either the Acrobatics or Athletics skill.

Unnatural Vigor. If you would be reduced to 0 hit points, you are instead reduced to 1 hit point.  This feature does not function again until you take a long rest.


As a Denker Homunculus, you were designed to excel in the mental arts of mathematics, science, and magic.

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2, and one ability score of your choice increases except Intelligence increases by 1.

Inborn Knowledge. You gain proficiency in one of the following skills: Arcana, History, Investigation, or Nature.

Superior Serie Magicam. You gain a +1 to Save DCs for supernatural abilities (like Spellcasting, Ki powers, Channel Divinities, etc.), Spell Attack Bonus, and you gain one spell slot equal to your highest level spell (up to 5th level) that recovers on a short rest.

Homunculus (Player Race)

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